Enjoy your family - Chapter 1 Excerpt

Chapter One


Alot of thoughts enter my head each time I walk or drive through very busy streets in Lagos or anywhere else. Human beings flow like water in very large number. How do all these people find their way home at the end of the day? How do they all identify their relations in the crowd? Watching people as they move about can make very interesting scenery and it is quite instructive too. Think about the many different kinds, shapes and sizes of people. They are found everywhere displaying varying emotions and activities.

Another intriguing and facilitating thing about human beings is how these people pair up into marriages. I have often wondered how John and Mary even got together. Have you ever wondered how Chike and Iyabo met and now they are serious and proper? Ibrahim is always serious looking and Adaku is worse; her look borders on antagonism and they live together. Do they ever have fun? On the other hand, Joseph and Gladys are always laughing and tardy – how do they survive the dead-lines of life?

Marriage pairs come in all shapes and sizes and combinations. There are matched up some are tall and short, outgoing and introverted, smart and absent-minded, plump and thin, attractive and sloppy. The combinations can be equally impressive, oppressive, depressive, encouraging, mind boggling, and simply neat. One very important fact is that each pair forms its own way of life. Even though the outside observer does not understand what they see in each other, these two folks are drawn together by a magnetic force that still defies understanding. They like what they see, how they feel, and what they hear from one another. This union of two individuals establishes the marriage machine.

Silas Eke became a new creature in Christ Jesus in September 1969 while on the Nigeria/Biafra war-front. Since then, he has been actively engaged in sharing Christ to others through his writings, invited talks and personal counselling.