Author's Reflections on "Enjoy your Family"

As I reflect on what made me write the Book – Enjoy Your Family, I now realize that I did not just set out to write a book. 

Three things worked together to produce the Book we have in our hands

  1. My recollection of my early childhood in my family and how we loved our home and enjoyed being together. I saw my parents as role models and regarded our family as an example of what a Christian family should be. I thought I should find a way to pass it to other people. I made a very brief reference to this in the acknowledgements. I tried to model my own family in the same way I saw my parents model theirs. So in effect this book is a testimony of what I tried to do in my family.
  2. Then in 1984, I was called by a friend to take-up writing Christian articles in a column he started in a National Newspaper in Nigeria. I sought to pass my Christian belief through the writings and encourage people to put their faith and fate in Jesus Christ. It received very wide acclaim and followership. I received so many letters and questions. As I travelled across the country, because I had a job that made me transverse the length and breadth of our country and beyond; many people simply identified with me as the pastor who writes “Ministering Christ” and wanted to have personal copies of the articles I wrote.
  3. I saw in most of the questions hearts crying out for direction on how to live the Christian life and how their life could reflect in the family and society. I also saw in our society increasing cracks in the family unit. Many Pastors were indeed preaching good sermons on the pulpit, but most of the people who needed the sermons were either out of the Church or have developed hardened ears or thought that the sermons were too stereotyped and did not come down to the basics. They needed something they could identify with. Reading the sermon on the pages of the Newspaper was more like it than listening to the Pastor who always said “thus says the Lord” and probably does not reflect what he says in his relationship with the people.
Before I took up the work of the columnist I had attended a few courses which among other things emphasized the centrality of the family in stable government and Church. So when the opportunity offered itself, I used my Newspaper column to pass messages on how to make the family an enjoyable community for the rearing of members of the Church and Government. I wrote everything in this book as articles for Sunday afternoon reading for the many who got hooked to my column.

I have three other books that emerged from those articles I published in the Newspaper during the six years I ministered Christ on the Pages of the Sunday Concord. They will be published as soon as possible.
When the series finished, I had a large number of people clamoring for copies of every article and many wrote me asking me to compile them into a single volume. A few of my friends asked me to consider the wishes of my readers. I started compiling the articles and that is how the Book “
Enjoy Your Family” emerged. In order to make the Book practical, I introduced something that would make the reader reflect on what he/she read and apply it to his own life. I introduced a three- question summary of what each chapter contained called “Think it over” and this was followed with three assignments for the reader covering what the chapter contained. It was called “What to do” Looking at the finished work now, I am delighted that I have tried within my limitations to make some contribution to instilling some order into the family unit.

Silas Eke became a new creature in Christ Jesus in September 1969 while on the Nigeria/Biafra war-front. Since then, he has been actively engaged in sharing Christ to others through his writings, invited talks and personal counselling.

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