Guest Blogging

I always enjoy having a different voice on my blog once in a while and so I will be glad to review and publish guest posts here at Please review the submission guidelines before filling out the form below. Thank you and I look forward to reviewing and publishing your article.

Submission Guidelines 

All guest blog post submissions must adhere to the following guidelines to be considered for publishing:

  • All guest posts must be original, high quality, and never have been published before on the Internet
  • Authors agree to not publish the guest post anywhere else; not even on their own blog 
  • Guest posts must fit the targeted audience of This is a Christian blog so we will only accept submissions that have a Christian message and are edifying. I reserve the right to accept or decline a submission if I judge it as unsuitable or spammy.
  • All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.
  • There is no minimum length for guest post, but guest posts should try to have over 400 words.
  • If post is submitted with a related image, the author must ensure that the image is properly licensed and attributed 
  • The Author by-line must be concise (2 - 3 sentences) . By-line may contain links, but these links will be given a rel="nofollow" attribute as per Google's Webmaster guidelines.
  • No affiliate links can be published in guest post or author byline.
  • Submissions can have standard HTML markup  but this is optional. I will format submissions as is needed

Finally, I reserve the right to edit the content and format it to suit the website layout. I may include an introductory byline and add contextural links to related articles on this blog.

If you agree to the above, please fill out the form below to submit your guest post: